Do away with dog dung with a vacuum

Dog Dung Vacuum, Start-up IdeaDogs are often described as a man’s best friend, but they’re too concerned about where they do their business, which can put a strain on an otherwise ideal relationship.


However, dog owners can now purchase a Dog Dung vacuum from Hammacher Schlemmer, an online business based in New York.


Rather than go through the messy process of picking up poo with a plastic bag, the Dog Dung vacuum features a battery-powered motor, which can get 50 suctions out of a single 12-hour charge.


This idea is fairly similar to the Australia-based Pet Loo, proving that there is a business niche even in animal excrement.


There is clearly a market for pet products that take away inconvenience from busy or back yard-lacking owners. What other business ideas are yet to be unleashed in the industry?


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