Do some Christmas shopping

Right, it’s the second last working day of the year and I’m tipping things are winding down at your workplace.


So it’s time to grab a few hours and hit the shops. Yes, that’s right. Shopping.


If you are anything like me, and many entrepreneurs I know, you either hate shopping or you’re so busy that you haven’t made it down to the shops.


But if your plan to get your nearest and dearest presents involves a trip to the local service station at 7am on Christmas morning, then let me tell you that you are on the wrong track.


Your family and friends are crucial members of your entrepreneurial support team. You’ve leaned on them this year and you will lean on them again in 2012.


They deserve your love, your respect and yes, a bloody good present. So get down to the shops, put some thought into it and come up with something fabulous.


(If you’re struggling for ideas, take a smart young person who loves to shop along for the ride. They’ll love it and you’ll get out of there in half the time).

Get it done – today!


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