Dog trailer idea runs wild

pupRUNNERThere’s a new invention that solves all the problems while running and walking with dogs, inspired by the inventors’ own pets.


The pupRUNNER allows the user to take their dogs for exercise while riding their bike, yet keeps them contained within the trailer so they don’t collide with other dogs, cars or people.


If the dogs get tired halfway through the journey, they can ride on the foldaway floor of the trailer all the way home.


“The city we live in has strict leash laws… Nowhere can we let [our dogs] Pete and Sam run free the way they would love to,” the US inventors say.


“We tried, like others, to control our leashed dogs with one hand while riding and balancing our bikes with the other – an impossible task.”


“So we looked and looked for another way to take our dogs along with us on bike rides, couldn’t find what he had in mind and finally decided to come up with a design of our own.”


The pupRUNNER is built with high quality structural aluminium. Each trailer has paw-friendly non-slip textured adjustable floors and a unique shock-absorbing hitch made with a heavy duty steel spring for safety.


With more people living in cities that also enforce strict leash laws, perhaps there are other ways in which you can make dog-walking a more enjoyable outing for pets and owners alike.


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