Double robot turns iPad into “virtual you”

start-up-idea-double-robotRobot body doubles are here – the $2,000 Double robot turns your iPad into a “virtual you” to send anywhere in the world.


Described as “the simplest, most elegant way to be somewhere else without flying there”, the gadget can do meetings, lunch with friends or sightseeing, all controlled by the iPad.


Resembling an iPad on a stick riding a small Segway, the robot can be adjusted so that every conversation is at eye level.


When not moving, a retractable kickstand deploys to conserve power, but maker Double Robotics says “it will last all day without recharging the battery”.


The gadget has already proved a success, the company says, with the first run already sold out.


Any technology that aligns itself to the iPad will almost certainly be popular. Why not take inspiration from the Double robot and create something similar?


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