Eco reminder sticks with consumers

Eco-friendly Stickers - Start-up IdeaWall stickers have come a long way since they first started appearing in people’s homes. Once reserved for children’s bedrooms, wall stickers have grown up and are now seen as a legitimate and cost-effective way to decorate a home.


UK-based business HU2 has capitalised on that trend by coming up with a range of wall stickers reminding users to turn off, shut down or unplug equipment, helping consumers with their energy efficiency.


For example, one sticker portrays a tap pouring out money, and is designed to be placed next to a light switch, while another uses an image of a hamster on a treadmill to highlight the importance of conserving energy.


Some of the stickers are designed to limit the consumption of computer power, while others remind people to conserve water.


The stickers are made of PVC-free vinyl and are shipped in eco-friendly packaging. The products are available online for shipping worldwide.


Herein lies an opportunity to create other green reminders, perhaps for the car or even for schools. Children respond well to imagery so this kind of concept would work well in an educational environment.


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