eCoffeeCard keeps loyalty cards together

start-up-idea-coffeeFor those people weighed down by public transport passes, loyalty cards and gift vouchers, help is now at hand in the form of eCoffeeCard.


Used by more than 35,000 Melbournians, eCoffeeCard is an app that allows coffee drinkers to keep all their coffee loyalty cards in one location – on their phone.


Instead of fishing out a loyalty card every time they visit a café, users simply swipe their phone.


There are 225 cafés across the city using the technology and more than 1,000 nationally, according to spokesperson Greg Taylor.


“Each café is assigned a unique QR code, which is scanned upon each purchase. Each scan acts as a stamp towards your free coffee,” the eCoffeeCard website says.


“iPhone, Android and BlackBerry will be able to use our eCoffeeCard loyalty system.”


“Your coffee purchases are stored on our servers, which enables us to back up all purchases and restore any data that is lost.”


“You may from time to time see advertisements throughout the process as this helps us keep the service free.”


If coffee loyalty cards are going electronic, what other cards could as well?


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