Edible spray paint the perfect Food Finish

German food firm The Deli Garage has invented the world’s first edible spray paint called Food Finish to give ordinary meals a splash of colour.


The cans – which come in gold, silver, red and blue – can be bought online. The spray paint has no taste and can be applied to any food item.


“We love to invent and produce products that are fun for both us and our customers,” says project manager Kaya-Line Knust.


“We develop hundreds of ideas for new food products, but only a few of those product ideas can be created and placed onto the market.


“And I’m thrilled that the spray food is one of the ideas that made it.”


The food industry is always looking for new ways to captivate consumers, so perhaps you can take inspiration from The Deli Garage and create something along the same lines as Food Finish?


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