Electric butter knife tipped to be a hot idea

start-up-idea-hot-butter-knifeA bakery in the United Kingdom has made it easier to butter your toast in the morning, regardless of how cold the butter is.


The Electric Butter Knife, from UK bakery Warburtons, uses two AA batteries to heat up the blade, wrapping it in a surface temperature of 41.8 degrees centigrade.


A button on the handle activates the heating elements, with a flashing LED indicator informing the user that it’s running.


When heated, the blade should be able to spread cold butter straight onto a slice of bread in as little as 30 seconds.


The batteries slip into a compartment right in the handle, so the user can quickly reload whenever needed.


Not the entire length of the blade gets heated though – the heating elements are confined near the tip where it will be used to melt the butter when spreading onto bread.


Surely there are other kitchen utensils that could do with a rework – can you think of any?


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