Electric car folds into itself

An electric car prototype that folds into itself for handy parking was unveiled in Brussels last month, ahead of expected production next year.


The two-seat single door Hiriko is powered by a motor in each wheel, steered via joystick and takes up two thirds of the footprint of a small car, say makers of the tiny bubble car.


The car was designed by engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology but was built in Spain’s Basque country.


Denokinn, the Basques investment group backing the venture, is planning to flog the cars to cities across Europe looking to expand their car-sharing schemes.


While car-sharing schemes aren’t as popular in Australia as they are in Europe, Hiriko highlights the huge possibilities with regard to car engineering.


If you have a flair for design, why not take inspiration from Hiriko? A car that can fold into itself is bound to be popular among apartment-dwellers, at the very least.


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