Electric skateboard speeds ahead

start-up-idea-gnarboardAn electric skateboard has proved quicker off the mark than a Corvette in a drag race, highlighting the potential for electric skateboards to become a mainstream form of transport.


Billed as the world’s fastest skateboard thanks to four electric motors, the Gnarboards Trail Rider goes from zero to 45 km/h in 1.9 seconds.


US inventor Josh Tulberg sells a base model for $2,700 but the Trail Rider costs $3,700.


“We knew that drag racing a Corvette would be a great way to show just how powerful these electric skateboards really are,” Tulberg says.


“We were both trying our best to win. Craig, the driver of the Corvette, held the engine at higher revolutions per minute just before takeoff so that he didn’t lose starting time from an idle.”


“He also had traction control, which allowed him to accelerate as quickly as possible and not lose time doing a burnout.”


“I was on the skateboard, and since electric motors produce instant torque, I had to put my weight forward and try not to wheelie as I pulled the acceleration trigger.”


“We were both trying our best.”


Why not take inspiration from the Gnarboards Trail Rider and create something similar?


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