Electronic tongue appeals to wine-lovers’ taste

Wine tastingSpanish scientists have created an electronic tongue to identify different types of cava wines, and hope the tongue will eventually replicate the work of a sommelier.


The project is the result of years of research out of the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. The tongue combines chemical measurement systems and advanced mathematical procedures.


So far, the tongue can identify three types of cavas based on their sugar content through a powerful sensor system and mathematical algorithm. It could also be useful in detecting defects during the wine-making process.


Automation has become increasingly pervasive in the food and restaurant industry, with robots replacing servers and iPads substituting wine lists and menus.


An interactive digital tablet E la Carte out of the US has also been creating buzz in the restaurant industry for its ability to showcase menu items, order and settle the bill.


What other technologies might move the industry further forward?


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