Epiqshield founders hope idea is watertight

start-up-idea-equipshieldA Sydney firm has devised a new water saving device it says could reduce household water consumption by 35%.


Created by Sydney-based company Premier Fosters, Epiqshield prevents leaks and maximises water supply usage, safeguarding consumers’ homes by controlling water usage and monitoring for leaks.


“By attaching Epiqshield to the pipes between your water meter and home, this device offers peace of mind for any household or business,” the company says.


Epiqshield says its wireless technology has been designed with safety and longevity in mind, storing household data in real time to let users improve the performance of their water usage.


“If there is a leak or a burst water line, Epiqshield will alert you with a message, reducing the likelihood of any flood damage or excessive bills,” the company says.


Paul Muldoon, retired chief executive of several regional water authorities, believes the device will save both consumers and authorities money.


As consumers struggle to find ways to keep a lid on their household bills, devices such as Epiqshield will be snapped up quick smart, so why not come up with your cost-saving concept?


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