EyeHandy unveils a novel teaching approach

EyeHandyUS website eyehandy.com is encouraging men to do chores around the house with videos starring lingerie-clad women, a questionable yet effective tactic that’s got men racing for the cleaning cupboard.


Tasks such as unshrinking clothes and changing a car tyre are demonstrated in the videos, as well as waxing a surfboard, removing gaffer tape and preventing bathroom mirrors steaming up during a shower.


The new site also provides a list of tools needed. Founder and chief executive Alex Merriman, 26, says he’s always worked behind the camera, creating videos for companies around the country.


Gaining most of his knowledge about computers and video production through books and how-to videos, he knew there had to be a more interesting teaching approach.


“This new approach would bring EyeHandy to the forefront of the web,” the website states.


“With many creative ideas in the works and ones that have yet to be seen, there is no limit to what the future of EyeHandy holds.”


Can you think of any other teaching approaches that would attract this much attention?


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