EyeSee keeps an eye on your customers

Istart-up-idea-mannequin-headsf shop mannequins appear to be staring back at you, you aren’t going crazy. Behind their blank glaze, cameras may be spying on you to determine your shopping habits.


The makers of the EyeSee dummies, used in Europe and the United States, now want their dummies to eavesdrop on what people say about products.


Made by Italian mannequin maker Almax SpA, the EyeSee went on sale last December.


“Any software that can help profile people while keeping their identities anonymous is fantastic,” Uché Okonkwo, executive director of Luxe Corp, told Bloomberg.


Okonkwo said it “could really enhance the shopping experience, the product assortment, and help brands better understand their customers”.


Retailers need all the help they can get as they struggle to survive, so why not draw inspiration from the EyeSee and come up with another way to help them?


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