Farmville concept becomes a reality

Reality FarmvilleIt’s crazy to think the Facebook game Farmville has more than 32 million active users every month, but then the game does have an army of highly-addicted fans.


A real-life version of Farmville has been launched by British conservation group National Trust, suggesting there could be an opportunity for entrepreneurs to bring other popular games to life.


Wimpole Home Farm in England is offering people the chance to vote on everything from what they want to plant to whether lambs should be stopped from breeding with a sibling.


The website states: “You’ll be part of a group of 10,000 online farmers working with farm manager Richard Morris to decide how it should be run. You’ll vote once a month, discuss the issues with other members and explore the world of farming.”


Morris says having people from all walks of life involved will challenge the way farmers think. The $500-a-year fee includes a family ticket to visit the farm.


Do other games lend themselves to real-live business ventures? With the right entrepreneur, anything associated with lifestyle could become a reality.


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