Fitness app helps users Sworkit

start-up-idea-workoutAn app called Sworkit provides randomised circuit training workouts to keep users motivated to exercise and stay fit.


“Workouts can be boring or they can be fun. The reason [for] randomisation is to allow the user a new experience each time they work out,” the website says.


“This allows for more motivated sessions and provides excitement, and sometimes even pain. Pain is good.”


“Sworkit allows you to choose the total amount of time you want to work out, and provides you with the proper timing, rest and transitions.”


People can use Sworkit as a web app, on their Android or on any iOS device.


All they have to do is choose the amount of time they have to exercise and what kind of workout they want, and Sworkit will tell them what to do.


It will even time each exercise so the user doesn’t have to bother with a stopwatch. And if they don’t know how to perform a particular exercise, examples will pop up on the screen.


As consumers becoming increasingly time-poor and cost-conscious, apps such as Sworkit will become more popular. Why not take inspiration from Sworkit and launch your own fitness app?


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