FLIZ bike has Fred Flintstone appeal

start-up-idea-flintstoneGerman designers have created a bicycle called the FLIZ with no pedals or seat. Instead, riders are strapped into a harness, with the bike frame curving over their back, and move by running.


Users build up speed on the FLIZ by running and then lift their legs to settle on footrests at the hub of the rear wheel – a bit like Fred Flintstone’s car.


The frame has a five-point belt, which is said to provide a comfortable, ergonomic ride between running and biking. The belt replaces the saddle and adjusts your position.


The bike is vying for this year’s James Dyson Award for technology, innovation and design.


The world’s first personal transport device – a two-wheeled frame resembling a modern day cycle but without pedals – was the inspiration for FLIZ.


FLIZ comes from the German word “flitzen”, which means “speeding”. The idea is to provide healthy, ecological mobility in overcrowded urban spaces.


Why not develop something similar for the Australian market?


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