Force yourself to think in another way

taskmasterI was talking to a fellow entrepreneur the other day about what we do outside office hours.


The entrepreneur surprised me when he said he’s a coach at his kids’ basketball club.


Two nights a week, he drives to the local indoor stadium to watch his kids run around, throwing balls at each other.


“Are you crazy?” I asked. “How can you possibly fit that in with all the work you’ve got?”


He assured me that he was still in complete control of his faculties. He argued that not only was the coaching a great way to stay in touch with his kids, it also held important insights for his working life.


“I’ve learned more about leadership at the stadium than I have at the office,” he said.


“Managing a group of people with different priorities, different abilities and different ways of thinking is always tough. Doing it in a social environment – where people don’t get paid, but play for the love of the game – can be extremely difficult.”


It’s a lovely little idea.


Putting yourself in a situation where you have to think differently is great for your personal development.


If you can do something you love at the same time, all the better!


It’s all about how you look at these things, really.


Get it done – today!


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