Four mantras for improving your workplace productivity

If you are reading this article, then you’re probably not entirely satisfied with your work productivity.


Here are four small mantras to boost your work productivity.


1. Multitasking is not everyone’s cup of tea


While multitasking works well for some people, it is not ideal for everyone. The one thing that hampers almost every professional’s efficiency is email. Rather than keeping your mail window open all day and looking at every new email instantly, check your mail only three or four times a day.


Check your emails in the morning when you get into the office, then maybe at mid-morning and mid-afternoon, and finally at the end of the work day.


If you truly engrossed in work even at home, you can check your mail once at night while working. It really works. People generally face difficulties when they first start following this schedule but the positive outcome in terms of enhanced work efficiency outweighs the anxiety faced.


2. Master your technology


Technology is an excellent servant but a terrible master. If technology drives your day, you are bound to be less efficient.


Why? Well, technology has automated many of our daily tasks, which is a good thing, but you shouldn’t let it dictate when you work and how.


Every time you get a mobile alert or an email pop-up, your attention is instantly drawn towards it. What do you lose here? Some office tasks require in-depth analysis and concentration and once this is hampered, it takes a lot of time to refocus your attention. This is how technology kills your time.


Set alerts only for the most important things. For all others, prepare a checklist at the end of each day and read it the next morning.


3. Give it a break


The biggest mistake most professionals working on computers make is that they keep their eyes focused on the screen for long periods of time. As a result, they can develop headaches and other physical ailments.


Working with the same intensity is difficult in these circumstances. This is why you need to take a break. Looking away from the computer screen for 10-15 minutes or going out for a walk will make a considerable difference. When you return, you will feel refreshed and your mind will be calm.


This is helpful in making any crucial decisions or in finding solutions to some crucial problem.


Plus, it is good for your eyes. Most ophthalmologists suggest looking away from the computer screen for 10 minutes after every hour of work. This is important for the prevention of eye-related problems and the accumulation of stress that causes headache.


4. Attend and organise only important meetings


Ditch the long email conversations when it involves a discussion on crucial topics. One-on-one or group discussions are often more effective for important discussions than email. Think about the best method of communication for the task at hand.


Walking down to the meeting room, talking to people, debating an issue and finally reaching a conclusion can sometimes be the most productive way to tackle a problem.


So, make and accept every meeting invitation only after carefully analysing how important it is going to be in relation to the work at hand.


Make it a rule to follow these four mantras in your everyday routine for at least a week. Needless to say, you will feel the difference.


Sunil Kumar has 12 years of experience in digital marketing. 


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