Fowlty Towers a haven for hens

start-up-idea-fowlty-towersAn eccentric hotelier has turned her passion for poultry into a business, opening a luxury hotel for chickens.


Julie Smith opened Fowlty Towers because of the huge demand for the service in rural Kent.


Hens can relax in the five-star accommodation or roam free in the fox-proof garden. They are also taken for walks and on trips to the local village pub.


“Of course, the best place for your hens is in their own environment, but this isn’t always possible when you go on holiday,” Smith says on her website.


“Any hens staying at Fowlty Towers are treated as if they were part of my ever-increasing flock.”


“If you think this is somewhere your hens would be happy whilst you are away, moving house or just want a couple of days off from getting up at five, then Fowlty Towers is the place.”


It may sound silly, but taking a “break” from your animals might be exactly what some people need, suggesting there may be an opportunity to develop a similar concept here in Australia.


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