Frame your mobile camera start-up

Start-up Idea: Roulot'ographThere is certainly no shortage of photography classes available for those who wish to hone their skills, but how about taking the concept mobile?


The Roulot’ographe, based in Luxembourg, is a mobile trailer that has been transformed into a giant camera obscura and photography lab, enabling photography fans to take a class inside a working camera.


Students also learn how to form a photographic image, discuss the effects of light and chemical reactions, and take and produce pictures through a small pinhole camera of their own creation.


All that’s needed for the mobile studio to operate is proximity to an electrical connection and running water, adding a whole new level of opportunity for candid pics taken on the run.


This is a potential niche that an Australian start-up could fill. Photographers would be able to develop their scenic shots on location, not to mention the endless possibilities available to photography teachers.


In a world where everything is becoming increasingly mobile, why should photo labs be any different? Photography fans or not, Australian consumers and tourists would happily jump into a giant working camera if only for the experience.


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