Friends on the Fridge keep kids entertained

Friends on the Fridge is a new set of magnets, which encourage creative play away from the computer screen.


The magnets can be used to create custom characters within a scene on your fridge, and Adelaide-based entrepreneur Steven Ready has turned to crowdfunding to finance the project.


Each set of magnets contains more than 50 pieces, which can be mixed and matched to create characters. The set includes a magnetic frame and five printed backgrounds that you can use to complete the scene.


Older children can use the speech bubble magnets with a whiteboard marker to tell jokes or leave messages for friends and family.


“The closest product on the market that we have found is the magnetic paper doll sets,” Ready says.


“Our product is unique in the fact that you can change the position of the characters to create more expression. If you want to tilt the head a little to the right, you can do it with our set.”


Parents are always looking for ways to add more colour to their homes and entertain kids. Can you think of any ideas similar to Friends on the Fridge?


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