Get around to it in 2013

taskmasterWell, here we are, knocking down the door of 2013.


And, as always, there’s been a stack of things you’ve been meaning to get done all year.


Along the way, you’ve read the various misadventures at Taskmaster Enterprises over the past year, with the attached lessons for your business. All those things you’ve been meaning to get done – today!


Of course, let’s face it, they’re all scrawled on a to-do list somewhere.


Perhaps you’ll do it all in the new year? Or you’ll just put it off until that wonderful day when you finally get the one widget you’ve always needed: “A Round Toit”.


You’ve said you’d get one. You’ve promised. And now the magical day has arrived:




That’s right, you’ve finally got one. You’ve now got a “Round Toit”.


Print it out. Post it on your fridge and your computer. When one of your staff starts with their “when I get a Round Toit” lazy talk, wave this in their face!


When 2013 rolls around, no more excuses. Now you have a “Round Toit”, it’s time to get your new year off to a flying start!


Finally, have a happy and safe new year! Old Taskmaster looks forward to joining all of you again in 2013.


Get it done – in 2013!


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