Get the word out via art

Start-up Idea - VoicePrintsPeople are always looking for new and interesting ways to update their homes, to give them a personal touch.


With that in mind VoicePrints has developed a very personal product, designed specifically for the home.


The Toronto-based company transforms the sound of the human voice into a visual work of art, offering customers a highly unique home decorating option.


Customers choose the colour and size of the print they’d like, then upload a recording of the voice or voices they’d like to “display”.


Recordings can be of an individual’s voice or the combined sounds of a couple or group.


Ideally the people included should speak no more than five words. The sounds are then transferred to acid-free paper of the appropriate colour and size.


A baby’s first words, a couple’s wedding vows or even the bark of a pet dog bark are examples listed by VoicePrints.


Personalised products are in huge demand so the concept should work well in Australia.


What other ideas can be engineered based on a blurring of the senses?




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