Getting social with staffing

StaffingAlthough many businesses, especially the smaller fish in the pond, hire staff through referrals, the recruitment industry has been slow to catch on.


The sector is still dominated by the old model which requires employers post job ads and hope for a decent response.


Monitoring of social media channels for potential leads, as well as an old fashioned chat with business contacts, is proving worthwhile for plenty of employers.


LinkedIn has recognised this shift, launching a new service, called Talent Pipeline, which provides leads from a variety of sources.


However, there appears to be room in the market for further intuitive ways to help businesses reach the right people.


A start-up could adapt the headhunter model by utilising social media and crowdsourcing to identify the best candidates for large companies.


Or maybe software could be developed that could rival LinkedIn? Either way, the changing recruitment market can provide some good opportunities for entrepreneurs.


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