Gogol Mogol boils down to business

start-up-idea-gogol-mogolBreakfast boffins have invented a carry box that boils an egg – perfect for munching on the move.


The Gogol Mogol is a single-use cardboard egg box made with special chemical layers that produce heat.


A tag that is pulled from the container sets off a chemical reaction, which cooks the egg in two minutes, or three to make it hard-boiled.


Created by a Russian team of inventors known as KIAN, and designed by Evgeny Morgalev, the box recently won a major European packaging award.


“The product is just a usual egg in an unusual package, possessing unique product properties,” a KIAN spokesperson says.


“The time for preparing eggs should be a couple of minutes and, after cooking eggs, the package should be thrown away, it’s impossible to use it more than one time.”


“Gogol Mogol is an eco-friendly project, so we believe the consumer of these eggs would be someone who supports the environment and has a healthy lifestyle.”


An environmentally-friendly product for someone on the run? It sounds like the perfect combination for today’s busy but eco-conscious consumer. Can you think of any others?


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