Google service showcases store interiors

Google Places 360 store interior viewIf there’s one thing that irritates consumers about booking accommodation they’ve never seen, it’s the fact that the pictures provided online are nothing like the real deal.


However, Google has introduced a feature that allows users to see what a business looks like from the inside to help them make a more informed decision.


A company spokesperson says with the business owner’s permission, Google goes into their shop and shoots photos.


The feature forms part of the Google Places service, letting business owners showcase 360 degree views of their stores’ interiors.


As more and more offline businesses seek to enhance their online offerings, there is increasing pressure to provide consumers with inviting yet accurate content.


Google’s new service suggests there is a demand for visual aids online, so perhaps a tech-savvy start-up in Australia could emulate something similar.


In addition to hotels, the service could encapsulate restaurants, homes and even cars, instilling confidence in consumers when viewing something solely online.


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