Gym-goers hungry for movie-inspired workout

start-up-idea-the-hunger-gamesGyms are tapping into the latest movie craze by offering members The Hunger Games workout, suggesting there could be a market for movie-inspired workouts.


People working out at New York Sports Club can get in shape like their favourite characters from the film.


Trainers take on the roles of characters Peeta and Katniss, and treat participants as if they are from the 12 districts of Panem, who train for the games arena.


“The entire workout is a role play. It’s subscribing to that idea of the ultimate athlete and survival of the fittest,” says head trainer Eric Salvador.


As fitness franchises continue to flood the market, anything a bit different – whether it’s a new piece of equipment or a new workout – is bound to be popular.


If The Hunger Games can be transformed into a workout, what other movies might also be given the treatment?


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