Hanfree a handy iPod accessory

Hanfree ipad 2As consumers head to Apple stores in droves to pick up an iPad 2, it comes as no surprise to learn that companies are already creating complementary items for the popular gadget.


In a bid to appeal to consumers’ love of hands-free devices, the Hanfree iPad accessory essentially serves as a giant stand for users to place their iPad on.


Hanfree is a project of Kickstarter, which is a platform for funding creative ideas and ambitious endeavours.


The device was created by Seth Quest, a product designer from San Francisco. It’s composed of three main parts: a clear base, a stainless steel neck and a while acrylic base.


Hanfree has an integrated ball and socket joint to allow for full rotation, which makes it easy to switch from landscape to portrait modes.


The base is light and stable, while a slim profile is designed to be unobtrusive when used in bed or on a sofa. According to the company, the base will also snap together so it can be packed smaller to reduce its carbon footprint when shipping.


As mobile devices experience a surge in demand, add-on items stand to do well. Hanfree is one example of an entrepreneur leveraging the popularity of an existing product for financial gain. Can you think of any others?


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