Headphone hoodie could be music to a start-up’s ears

Russell Athletic, Headphone HoodieHats have been merged with drinking devices for some time, but a company is now looking seriously at the opportunities in matching up clothing with music.


Russell Athletic’s Headphone Hoodie is a unique piece of clothing that comes with built-in earphones, which users can connect to their MP3 player.


The earphone buds are attached to the ends of the drawstring, with the connecting cable encased within the hood drawstrings and running down through the inside front of the garment.


The Headphone Hoodie has a 3.5mm MP3 compatible input jack sitting in the right-hand pocket of the garment ready for connection to the user’s device of choice. The hoodie can be washed in the machine and promises to provide quality sound wash after wash.


Russell Athletic sales manager Nick Bowman says Headphone Hoodie’s versatility also makes it highly functional.


“Perfect for taking transport to uni, listening to sports commentary or training – all without the hassle of annoying, tangled cords,” Bowman says.


What other items could do with a music-inspired makeover? Jackets, hats, bags and sunglasses are just a few other ideas that could be developed in this regard.


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