Helmet idea folds into start-up

start-up-idea-folding-helmetFor anyone who rides a bike, finding somewhere to store their helmet can prove difficult. However, there’s a new concept helmet called the Overade, which aims to solve that problem.


The Overade was designed by Patrick Jouffret of French studio Agence 360. It folds in half and is meant to offer the same amount of protection as a regular non-folding helmet.


A less bulky helmet, which can be packed away easily, might encourage more people to ride or wear helmets, both of which are good things.


Foldable helmets would be particularly popular among schoolchildren – already weighed down by heavy backpacks and sporting equipment – or those who don’t fancy taking a backpack to work.


Can you think of any other items that could do with a downsize? With so many people choosing to ride a bike rather than drive, perhaps foldable bikes will become more popular or even a foldable skateboards.


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