Hit me with your FixMeStick

start-up-idea-usbA new USB device plugs into your computer and deletes all viruses – just like the professionals.


The FixMeStick uses powerful antivirus software normally used by technicians to find files that other programs miss.


It employs three programs from the biggest names in computer security. Quarantining any viruses takes about 45 minutes.


“We’ve spent our careers in internet endpoint security,” the founders say.


“At our last company, we saw every day how malware was consistently beating anti-malware and how stranded that leaves people.”


“We’ve put everything we’ve got into this product and, as a result, our start-up journey filled with blood, sweat and tears has been the fun and rewarding kind that we originally set out after.”


Sometimes, the best ideas are the simplest ones. Perhaps you can take inspiration from the FixMeStick and come up with another way to help consumers protect themselves online.


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