How this Melbourne startup formed an alliance with Microsoft and grew its traffic by 500% in one day

Melbourne startup Gooroo had Microsoft in its sights from day one when it was designing its product.


“Most people wouldn’t be aware but the name we initially put out into market as our brand was MS Gooroo,” founder Greg Muller tells StartupSmart.


Though they removed the Microsoft reference from the name, Muller says it helped the team focus the design and development of the platform on the specific needs and demands of the corporation to ensure they could meet the expectations of its large community.


He says startups should always have a solid idea of whom they want to sell to.


“The message there is understanding the problem that you’re trying to solve and who you’re trying to solve it for,” he says.


For Gooroo, what resulted was a highly sophisticated neural network integrated using machine learning and “fuzzy logic” to accurately match individuals to tech jobs.


“We built a compatibility matching engine using artificial intelligence to match an individual to a job, career and training,” he says.


“It’s a new way of matching individuals to a career.”


By working with Microsoft in mind, Muller says they were able to align Gooroo with the opportunities and challenges of that brand.


This meant than when talks commenced between the startup and large corporation, Muller was equipped with a strong set of solutions and technology highly suited to Microsoft.


“The words that we were using and the data we had available around their market, consumers and community was very valid to their challenges and strategy,” he says.


After 12 months of talks, Gooroo and Microsoft have now finalised the contract.


Muller says the alliance will be massive for Gooroo.


“Both in terms of reaffirming and verifying our credibility but also in nature of sheer traffic,” he says.


Muller believes establishing credibility is fundamental for startups.


“From day one, we set out to ensure that we have a trusted service and established credibility within what is a highly demanding and fickle community of technology professionals,” he says.


Within 24 hours of the alliance announcement, Muller says traffic has spiked by more than 500%.


The newly gained traction and credibility means Muller is now ready to speak more formally with investors, with conversation already having commenced.


“This relationship should make the next phase of our growth and commercialisation much easier,” he says.



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