If you’re a single male tourist, AskMen

AskMen holidays - BarcelonaMen and women aren’t always looking for the same things in a holiday, particularly if those men happen to be single, which is why a US magazine has unveiled its ultimate “mancation” destinations.


Published by men’s lifestyle magazine AskMen, based in San Francisco, the list was compiled after the AskMen editors voted across a range of man-friendly categories including sports, food, nightlife, women, weather, accomodation, cost and culture.


Taking out the top spot was Barcelona, followed by Buenos Aires, Miami, New York and London.


“Single men today are looking to take the road less travelled. They want to visit places filled with adventure, beautiful women and exotic culture that will let them come back with legendary stories,” AskMen editor-in-chief James Bassil says.


There are plenty of ways in which entrepreneurs can respond to the interests of male tourists, including the development of apps or even tours for single men looking for adventure.


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