Inflatable vest offers hug-like pressure

start-up-idea-squease-jacketAn inflatable vest designed to make people feel like they are being hugged could help autistic people stay calm. The $385 Squease jackets could also be used to calm screaming babies.


According to the UK designers, the jackets are available as a hooded top or as a bulletproof vest-like top that can be worn under clothing, making it discreet and mobile.


Hug-like pressure is applied to the upper body by simply pressing a pressure bulb and inflating the vest with air.


“For people with sensory processing difficulties… applying pressure to the upper body may be calming, increase body awareness or improve attention and focus,” the designers say.


“The vest is inflated by squeezing a hand pump, allowing the wearer to regulate and apply soothing pressure in everyday situations that may lead to anxiety, stress or sensory overload.”


The Squease jacket is a perfect example of an item designed specifically to help people with autism. Can you think of any others?


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