iPad cases are a Madoff idea

The Bernie Madoff iPad caseThe latest craze sweeping Wall Street is a range of iPad cases made from the wardrobe of convicted fraudster Bernie Madoff, suggesting the celebrity angle really does pay off.


Entrepreneur John Vaccaro bought most of Madoff’s wardrobe at an auction last year before redesigning the items as covers that sell for up to $500.


The covers, which are part of a collection dubbed “The Bernie Madoff”, are made from Madoff’s old trousers from brands including Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic and J.Crew.


Vaccaro told the New York Post the first five cases “sold almost instantly”.


“There are a lot of collectors out there who would like to own a quirky piece of history, even the worst kind. I would have been first in line to own a piece from the Dillinger or Bonnie & Clyde era,” Vaccaro said in a statement.


If celebrities really do attract so much attention – even the ones that weren’t particularly well-liked – why not look into the prospect of other star-studded offerings?


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