JoeyBra offers users security and support

start-up-idea-missing-phoneWomen wanting to keep abreast of their mobile phone’s whereabouts have been given extra support by two US designers who have created a bra with a convenient side pocket.


The JoeyBra allows wearers to tuck their phone and other personal belongings neatly into a streamline pouch that sits under their armpit.


Mariah Gentry and Kyle Bartlow came up with the idea after noticing the large number of Facebook posts by girls who lost or broke their phones.


The JoeyBra was designed by the two students at the University of Washington in Seattle. They named their design after a joey because it sits in its mother’s pouch.


In addition to a mobile phone, the JoeyBra also has space for bank cards, ID cards and a key, doing away with the need for a purse at all.


The bra can also be converted into a razorback or strapless style if desired. But why stop at bras? Why not design something similar for men?


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