Jug detects when milk is off

start-up-idea-smart-jugA company called Quirky has partnered with GE to create a milk jug that automatically detects when milk has gone bad or run out, and alerts the user via an iPhone app.


The milk jug, dubbed the Milkmaid, has a pH sensor in the bottom that detects when too much acid has accumulated, indicating spoilage.


Temperature and pressure sensors are built into the stand, alerting the user when the bottle has been left out too long or when they need to buy more milk.


Meanwhile, the app includes recipes for both regular and spoiled milk, as well as the ability to re-order milk from app-friendly grocery delivery services.


The Milkmaid is still being designed and tested, so pricing and availability are not known.


Imagine how popular this product would be among big families, schools and day care centres. Why not take inspiration from the Milkmaid and develop your own kitchen-related product?


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