KARTON thinks outside the box

KARTONWe’ve seen stylish cardboard boxes rise in popularity as cost-effective storage devices, but what about cardboard furniture?


Australian company KARTON has unveiled an entire range of furniture constructed from corrugated cardboard, ranging from sitting, dining and sleeping pieces to office furniture and modular storage.


No tools or hardware are required to assemble the objects, which can also be flat-packed when not in use.


The furniture can also be individualised. In fact, paint and varnish only improves the product by creating a protective layer.

“In Europe, KARTON means cardboard. In Australia, KARTON means forgetting everything you think you know about cardboard,” the company says.


“KARTON is affordable, durable and beautiful. It’s also 100% recyclable… Discover the flexibility and convenience of a dining table you can carry across the room, a bed you can flatten when your guests head home and a kids’ table that relishes a lick of paint!”


While cardboard furniture may not be to everyone’s taste, it is sure to attract interest from specific markets, such as cash-strapped students looking to cheaply furnish a share house.


And with its impressive green credentials, KARTON will also appeal to the more eco-conscious consumer. Are there any other materials that could be used to create an entire range of everyday items?


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