Katadyn Pocket’s appeal crystal clear

start-up-idea-katadynWhile bottled water is available in most large towns throughout the world, in many remote locations the water quality is questionable.


Even when bottled water is available, it seems extremely wasteful to throw away plastic bottles every day. The Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter aims to solve that problem.


The Katadyn Pocket’s aluminium construction makes it very durable and the filter is fully field-cleanable.


The ceramic cartridge in the Katadyn Pocket has a life of 50,000 litres. Katadyn is a Swiss company, so customers can rest assured that its products are of the highest quality.


“Katadyn has been developing water filters, chlorine and silver-based sterilising agents, and mobile desalinators for the trekking and marine markets, for over 80 years now,” it says.


“Numerous international relief organisations and special army units rely on the products of Katadyn for survival and lifesaving.”


Given Australians’ love of the outdoors, devices that work in harmony with the environment will become increasingly popular, so why not design one of your own?


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