Kick To Pick lets bubs “pick” names

Kick to Pick - Baby names appThere’s a new app on the market that lets unborn babies choose their own name with a kick of their feet, taking the parent market to a whole new level.


Parents launch the app, titled Kick To Pick, before placing the phone on the baby bump and waiting for the baby to give a big kick while the app is randomly generating thousands of baby names.


The app monitors the baby’s movements, and any large kick detected will stop the generator and reveal what the baby has “chosen”.


Parents can narrow down the thousands of names by gender or create a list of their favourites. They can also reject the name the generator spits out.


Nathan Parks, creator of the app, says the idea came from a discussion about babies’ choices and the fact they have no influence over something so permanent.


“What started out as a light-hearted chat soon turned into a series of app ideas… It’s light-hearted, good fun and a great way to involve the whole family in what is a key milestone of a child’s life,” he says.


There are plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs to make their mark in the lucrative parent market, providing they don’t take it too seriously.


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