Kiss Apple a fresh idea

Kiss AppleSouth Korea is home to some pretty questionable cuisine. Kimchi, for example, is a national dish consisting of fermented vegetables and varied seasonings, including a healthy dose of garlic.


Having fresh breath therefore tends to take a backseat, but not for much longer. Researchers at South Korea’s Rural Development Administration have created a product called Kiss Apple, which is tiny enough to stash in a pocket or purse.


Designed to be consumed prior to locking lips with someone, Kiss Apple essentially serves as a “breath wallop” to ensure the user’s breath is as fresh as can be.


The creators of Kiss Apple, which is roughly the same size as a ping pong ball, hope their product will not only freshen users’ breaths but entice them to eat more apples.


“We want young people to eat many apples and came up with the idea of portable apples for bags. We can mass produce the species with stronger functions that control food  in as few as two years,” one of the researchers says.


While it may seem like a silly idea, mints disguised as something else might be the perfect way to encourage people to eat them. Are there any other products that might become more popular if they were “undercover”?


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