Kitchen concept folds up neatly

Goci foldable kitchenApartments appear to be getting tinier as more people become determined to enjoy an inner-city lifestyle.


Cashing in on this trend is industrial designer Goran “Goci” Bjelajac, hailing from Belgrade in Serbia, who has designed a moveable and foldable kitchen.


It is fully equipped with all the essentials including fridge, oven, sink, dishwasher and cooktop. All elements are mounted on mobile screens, which can move these elements, creating multiple shapes.


Users can build their kitchen according to their space requirements or simply fold it and remove it from their sight when it’s not in use. The screens also allow for mounting on both sides, so they can be used as partitions.


“The user designs his own ideal shape and adjusts the size and the form of the kitchen to his living space,” Goran writes on his site.


“[The] foldable kitchen concept and kitchen appliances line fully responds to… modern lifestyles.”


Why stop at kitchens? This concept could be applied to home studys, children’s playrooms or bedrooms, and maybe even bathrooms.


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