Works a treat: Melt-proof chocolate is a hot idea

start-up-idea-chocolateUK scientists have developed a melt-proof chocolate recipe, which should be ideal for hot Australian summers.


The heat-tolerant chocolate, developed by Cadbury, remains solid even when exposed to temperatures above 40 degrees for more than three hours.


Scientists have developed a way of breaking down sugar that reduces the amount of fat attaching to the sweet particles.


“Production of temperature-tolerant chocolate would allow production of chocolate-containing products more suitable for hot climates,” Cadbury wrote in its patent application.


Critics have already emerged, with some claiming the changes would not be possible without altering the chocolate’s appeal.


But Tony Bilsborough, a spokesperson for Cadbury management firm Kraft Foods, says the melting point is what releases the flavour of the chocolate.


Looking for the next big food idea? If melt-proof chocolate can be created, perhaps other melt-proof foods are also a possibility.


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