Mum-friendly outdoor gyms gain some MOMentum

start-up-idea-workoutBeing a mum in today’s nonstop world leaves few moments for personal growth and fitness, which is why MOMentum outdoor gyms were created specifically with mums in mind.


Seattle residents Paige Green Dunn and Kelly Singer created MOMentum with the idea of bringing fitness equipment to the parks of Seattle and around America.


This means kids can play under the watchful eye of their mum while she gets some exercise.


Each MOMentum outdoor gym offers low-impact cardio equipment and strengthening machines that focus on the areas mums care most about: arms, abs, hips and thighs.


The gyms require no electricity and every product is eco-friendly.


The pressure on new mothers to lose their baby weight quickly, and keep it off, suggests there is a demand for mum-friendly fitness options. Can you think of any others?


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