Musical beach towel

Hi-Sun towelA new beach towel, with built-in speakers that connect to any portable music player, could take the beach party concept to a new level.


The hi-Sun towel, which costs $85, has speakers placed in a soft cushion either side of the head that can be easily removed for washing.


The amplified speakers can be attached to an iPhone, iPad or any other type of MP3 player. They can also be taken out of the towel so users aren’t forced to lug them around.


“This towel is guaranteed to make you the envy of all beachgoers this summer,” a hi-Sun spokesman says.


Earlier this year, StartupSmart made note of another like-minded item; Russell Athletic’s Headphone Hoodie, which comes with built-in earphones that users can connect to their MP3 player.


What’s next on the agenda in the way of music-enabled products? Perhaps the concept can be taken a step further. For example, consumers could either purchase or hire these items at concerts to ensure they hear everything.


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