New device lets the blind read camera settings

start-up-idea-camera-dude-2A Melbourne photographer who is legally blind has been helped by RMIT University to develop a new device enabling him to read camera settings with the use of WiFi and a phone application.


Andrew Follows has retinitis pigmentosa, an eye condition which has rendered one eye completely blind, with ever-diminishing tunnel vision in the other.


Two years ago, Follows started working with RMIT’s Dr Glenn Matthews, a lecturer in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering with significant knowledge in electronic devices.


It was here a more specific idea was born – to create a device which plugs into a camera and communicates via WiFi with an iPhone application.


This application would then give voice prompts whenever a setting was changed on the camera. Prototypes are now being tested.


Matthews said the device could be sold wholesale for less than $100. Perhaps you can take inspiration from this application and launch something along the same lines.


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