New password system doesn’t miss a beat

A person’s heartbeat is their password in the latest computer security advance, creating the prospect of electronic devices that people simply pick up to unlock.


Human heartbeats never quite repeat themselves, and each person’s heartbeat is unique.


Taiwanese researchers have found a way to mathematically identify a person’s heartbeat in an instant and use it as a password by taking ECG readings from the computer user’s palms.


The researchers at Taiwan’s National Chung Hsing University say the ECG readings provide a unique and highly secure electronic security system.


Lead researcher Chun-Liang Lin says the goal is to build the system into external hard drives and other devices that can be decrypted and encrypted simply by touching them.


Meanwhile, Microsoft is testing less cumbersome password systems for its upcoming Windows 8 software, using pictures where users have to identify people they know, rather than passwords.


Why not take inspiration from National Chung Hsing University and Microsoft, and develop your own system?


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