New site puts food trucks on the map

start-up-idea-where-the_truck-atTaco hunters and burger gatherers can now visit a website to see where each of Melbourne’s food trucks will be serving their wares that evening.


Xavier Verhoeven and Tom Kinsman’s new site,, features a map updated each afternoon with where to find food trucks, such as the Taco Truck and Grub Food Van.


Food truck operators can email Verhoeven, who then puts their trucks on the map.


“We love their business model of going to a new local each night, and getting the word out on Twitter and Facebook,” the website says.


“Evidently, so do a bunch of followers and, more importantly, happy customers. But we wanted to make it even easier for you to get your truck-food fix.”


“So we’ll be updating the site every day with the latest location. If a truck’s not on one night, we’ll leave them off. It’s as simple as that.


“Check back late in the afternoon for each evening’s location, and see how close it is to home.”


With the increasing popularity of pop-up stores, why stop at food trucks? This idea could be applied to a huge range of mobile businesses.


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