New smartphone case is a cracker

start-up-idea-rice-coverA hungry inventor in Japan has invented an edible iPhone case.


The product is “made entirely from Japanese brown rice and salt, baked into a crispy golden-brown senbei rice cracker that fits snugly around your iPhone 5”.


Called the Survival Senbei iPhone 5 Case, it sells in Japan for $50.


The idea for an edible rice cracker smartphone case came to Mariko, a middle-aged Japanese woman and master senbei artisan, earlier in the year. In Japan, senbei are the snack of choice for the older generation.


In what could be an attempt to modernise the image of senbei, Mariko spent countless hours researching how she could reintroduce it in today’s fast-paced world.


Having finally perfected the shape, Mariko is now accepting orders online.


While we’re not suggesting you follow in her footsteps and create your own edible phone case, perhaps there are other items associated with older people that could be modernised in some way.


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